Social Distancing Your Wedding

Plated service helps with social distancing at your wedding.

What now...

With all the cancellations going on for events, and lots of them are weddings, I figured I would offer some suggestions to save your big day on the first day you picked.

Are you having to cancel or postpone your wedding?
Are you wondering if it’s still possible to keep your date?
What about saving the vendors you already booked?
Have you considered elopement?

With social distancing being a big thing now and no groups larger than 10 in one space etc. This is a great reason to consider something simpler for the interim.

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Love does not stop for anything!

8 things to help planning or keeping your original wedding during COVID

Here’s a list of 8 good reasons to take a look at it, especially right now.

1. You are keeping that special date you picked. It was chosen for a reason. Even if its just you, your bride or groom-to-be, the officiant and your photographer, it’s still your chosen date. Hire a personal chef for your dinner to still have an amazing dinner after your very intimate ceremony is all over. You are still marrying your best friend and you should certainly still celebrate!

2. Save the reception for later! Maybe that needs to be postponed a couple months, maybe its a year (and talk with your caterer you have booked now. See if they will move your date that far out and honor your original quote). No matter when you reschedule it, family and friends are always up for a good party.


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Everyone loves to party, have a big bash for your first anniversary!

Technology is a blessing...think Zoom!

3. Your special moment will mean so much to so many. Even though everyone is not there like you had hoped, Your happiness will make others happy. IF you’re in a space and have an extra hand (maid of honor or best man), someone could hold the camera and live stream if you are in a space where you have wifi/internet. People can still be present with you on your momentous day and share in your happiness, even if from afar.


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There's a sepcial kind of intimacy that goes with eloping.

Consider eloping..

4. Eloping creates an intimate experience for just the two of you. It removes the stress and anxiety from the bigger plans and creates an intimate setting that’s relaxing and peaceful. Especially if you are looking at having to move everything to a new date.

5. Maybe you’ve been planning your big wedding around other’s opinions of what you should do. An elopement allows you to get back to being the real you as a couple. 100% authentic to yourselves and your wishes.

6. There’s an intimacy and an intention you don’t get with a larger wedding. At big weddings you are basically host to everyone who you’ve invited (and that’s not a bad thing either, just a different scenario). When it is just you two, you can really get lost in the moment. Focus on your vows to one another. Be 100% in the moment each step of the way. Forget about what’s happening in the world and warp yourselves in happiness and love.

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Love always wins in the end!

Step back and breathe...

7. Did I mention less stress and anxiety? Yes… OK just making sure. Especially right now, less stress is a good thing all around.

8. Life is meant to be an adventure! Roll with the punches and make the best out of the current situation. Besides, your best friend and partner in crime will be right beside you, every step of the way. I can’t think of a better place to be.

This is a salvageable situation and you have choices! Connect with your vendors, they all will have suggestions on how to work through this time. Do you, and the rest of the pieces will fall where they’re meant to.