Flick Of The Whisk Cakes: A Vendor Showcase:

I get to work with a lot of fun people, clients and vendors a like. Most of the time though, we vendors are in the background making all the gears keep turning so that you, the client, has nothing to worry about.I wanted to shine a light on the wonderful people I have met over the years and some just recently. Each one is amazing at what they do and are sure to take care of any of your needs as well.

First off is Bryonna Williams. She is the amazing owner/baker of
Flick of the Whisk Cakes.

Custom cakes and more.

Check out these cuties!

Have you ever seen such beautiful cupcakes in your life? From Keto to gluten free, sugar free and vegan and everything in between; Bryonna has got it covered.

Every piece is put together with a careful eye for detail. I had the pleasure of meeting her first through a few networking groups on Facebook and then in person at a photo shoot in Loveland.

Here is a little bit from Bryonna about who she is and her business.

Describe your business and what you do:
My business is Flick of the Whisk Cakes. I specialize in custom cakes, cupcakes, jar cupcakes & homemade oreos.

What inspired you to start your business?
I was experiencing a decrease in work with my full-time job and am not the type of person to wait around for something to happen. So I made a list of all the things I love to do that I wouldn’t mind turning into a business, and baking was the one I was most interested in. Turned out it was my long-lost calling!

What are your favorite new trends?
Painted buttercream cakes and very elaborately decorated cupcakes with a sprinkles (I’m a huge fancy sprinkle fan ha-ha!)

Custom Birthday Cakes

If you could give a new client one piece of advice, what would it be?
Have an idea of what you would like to order before reaching out. It saves a ton of time & helps me to deliver exactly what you want and bring your vision to life!

What do you love the most about your job?
Being my own boss and bringing people happiness through sweets!

If you didn’t take up baking for a job what else would you have done/or be right now?
International Food Taster. I have no idea if this is an actual job but it sounds amazing ha-ha.

What makes you excited to go to work every day?
Knowing that people genuinely enjoy my cakes and cupcakes, so much so that they share with friends and family and order with me again and again. Also, learning new techniques keeps me going!

Cake for all occasions!

If you had a free Sunday what would you be doing with it?
A free Sunday would be spent with family in a park people watching and drinking wine.

What has been you favorite project so far?
My favorite project so far definitely has to be experimenting with cupcake decorating!

What are you excited about for the future?
I’m excited to continue to grow my business and hopefully have my cupcakes in stores nationwide!

As you can see, she makes some amazing desserts and is popping up all over. To check out more of her amazing work, head over to her Instagram page @flickofthewhiskcakes

To order one of her amazing cakes, just click the button below!

Thanks for hanging around and reading all about Bryonna and her business! Be sweet my friends!