Get merried at The Gressiwick

The Gressiwick: A Vendor Showcase

The Gressiwick, a quiant venue space with old world charm, is located in Old Town Loveland, Colorado. I had the pleasure of working in the venue for a styled  shoot and fell in love with the place. I am sure once you see it, you will too. If you’re wondering where the name came from, well, it just so happens it’s named after the owners themselves, Christina Gressinau and Vi Wickam.

From it’s large open space, to it being in the perfect location for some great photos, this is one vendor in our showcase series you don’t want to skip!

Get merried at The Gressiwick
Old world charm, modern venue space

Getting to know The Gressiwick

So, what is The Gressiwick?

The Gressiwick is The Sweetheart City’s newest and most modern old-world-charm event and concert space. Named for the married co-owners, Christina Gressianu and Vi Wickam, the 1905 building has been updated to modern-day event codes and expectations, while showcasing all of the vintage charm: oversized windows, exposed brick, and 12’ ceilings.

What was the inspiration to open this space up as an Event Center?

We love being in the wedding industry – it’s the happiest day for so many people! We wanted to create a space to bring more of that joy into the world.

Dinner table setting for two.
The Gressiwick is great for weddings and intimate concerts or other private events.

Trends and advice?

As an Event Venue location, what are some of the trends you are seeing in the entertainment/wedding industry?

We love bold colors. It makes us happy whenever we see couples who aren’t afraid!

From an Event Venue’s point of view, what is some advice for people starting to book their vendors for whatever their event may be?

Plan a honeymoon!! Even if it’s a staycation, because you’ll need some rest. I was shocked at how exhausted we were after our own wedding and wished we’d taken a few days off.

What do you love the most about being an Event Venue?

The part when everyone is all together and having a great time! All the work is worth it to get there.

Couple signing marriage certificate
Check out the brick background!

Last but not least...

If the Gressiwick never happened what, what else would you have done/or be right now?

Well, our married co-owners, Christina Gressianu and Vi Wickam are a photographer and a fiddle player, they’re both artists and weddings were a natural fit for them to do what they love. The Gressiwick is an extension of this.

What makes you excited to go to work every day?

Just talking with people. People are fascinating and we just love hearing their stories.

If you had a free Sunday what would you be doing with it?

Having breakfast and then going back to bed. It just feels so indulgent!

What has been you favorite project so far?

We recently collaborated with over 10 vendors on a massive styled shoot! We had top-of-the-line caterers (Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services, LLC.), florists, bakers, makeup artists, and more teamed up to create incredible content.

Venue layout photo
How beautiful is that space!

To see more of The Gressiwick and what they’ve done so far with this stunning event space, head on over to their Instagram page:

You can also check out their website here

Thank for hanging out with us and getting to know The Gressiwick!

Nothing sweeter than a love story unfolding in the Sweetheart Cty!