Plated table setting

Which Wedding Food Service Style is Right For You?

What wedding food service style is right for my big day? Where do I begin, you ask? 

Every last detail of your wedding is important because it contributes to the overall feel for you and your guests. From the food you choose and how its served. Every last note is taken seriously when working with Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services, LLC.

Chef Jennifer Ward is here to help break down the differences. This way you can make the best informed decision that meets both your budget and your vision. The goal is to create a memorable and delicious experience that will never be forgotten.

Plated table setting
Which food service style is right for you?

We really want your day to be perfect in every aspect and that includes your food and how it is served. There is a perfect wedding food service style for every single couple, so keep scrolling for more information on each option available.

plated style
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How do help determine the best option for you?

A minimum of 30 minutes for an initial consultation gets the ball rolling. The first part of our conversation is getting to know you. Things like how you met, what’s your favorite place to eat as a couple and who said “I love you” first. We then start talking about all the ideas you’ve been pondering over, even your pinterest boards!  Most importantly we talk your budget because that’s the real starting point of this all.

formal sit down plated
The most traditional & formal style of food service is Plated Sit-down Style

What food service styles are there?

Plated Sit-down Style

The most traditional and formal option is where each guest served an individual plated meal. This option offers guests three courses typically. Courses would be an appetizer (soup or salad typically), the main entrée and dessert (this would be the client’s cake or other choice of sweet ending). Sometimes, you may see a fourth course such as an intermezzo or an amuse bouche. An item like this would be served in between the appetizer and the main entrée as a palate cleanser to prepare for the next course.

Typically your guests are given a choice of two entrees, which they will select beforehand. A popular option is to serve each guest with two proteins on one plate. This term is often called a “duet” plate. Duet plate’s are commonly served as a meat and fish option together.

buffet style food service
Buffet's are another food service style.


Buffet style service is a long table with set up with dinner plates on one end followed by the food items our client has discussed with us during their consultation. Cold items would be set on ice or in chilled containers, hot item will be in chafing dishes. Guests can either serve themselves, or you can choose to have waitstaff serve your guests as they move down the line.

station food service
Interactive Sushi Station


Stations are a fun way to add both interactive and non-interactive food experiences for a cleints guests. A carving station in one spot with a roasted rib-eye, a mashed potato bar in another corner, taco bar, personalized pasta station. The options are endless. These stations are usually chef attended and portion sizes are smaller, allowing your guests to try everything if they so choose. It also allows you to be more creative with your menu!

family style food service
Family Style Food Service


Family-style service is just like sitting down for family dinner. It’s a more laid back version of a more formal setting like a plated sit-down dinner. Platters of food are placed in the middle of the table for everyone to pass around and share. With platters on the table decor will need to be raised up or minimal to allow enough space.

Cocktail style food service


Cocktail-style can be either butler-passed or stations around a room. Typically it’s an assortment of 1-2 bite items that compromise this service style. This is a great option if you’re looking for a really laid back feel where people can move around, mingle and dance without the confines of organized seating.

Let us help you create a lasting memory of your special day

Here at Harvest to Home, we want you to feel like you’re working with family. This is more than a business relationship. Our staff are just as involved in the big day as you are. From the start of our initial consultation to the minute we say our farewells at the end of the evening.

Every last detail from the style of service, the type of dinnerware and linens you would like to have; to the perfect menu that speaks to who you are as a couple. We want you and your guests to remember this evening for years to come.

We are here to make sure that this day is stress free and that it surpasses our client’s standards. It is truly  an honor when you choose Harvest to Home to be a part of such a  momentous occasion in your lives.

Are you ready to get started?

We would love to meet each and everyone of you! Please, feel free to contact us  to set up a phone consultation to discuss your wedding plans. We look forward to helping make your big day the best it can be with amazing service and delicious tasting farm to table, local food.

Be sure to check out our Instagram page for ideas from past events and styled shoots from the area. Our blog is a great spot to check out our Vendor showcases as they feature some amazing individuals from all walks of the wedding industry. These vendors are people we would love to work with again and who we know will bring their “A” game just for you!