Frequently Asked Questions


Meal Delivery

What makes you different from everyone else that does meal delivery?
Harvest to Home gathers ingredients from all over Colorado. We take the time to taste and select the right ingredients from the right purveyors to make sure that you are getting the best our great state has to offer.
How do our meals come prepared?
Our meals are ready to heat and eat when you get them. They come in compostable packaging with instructions for heating in the microwave and in the oven.
Is there a contract involved?
Meal delivery services are not based off a contract. You order when you desire meals and skip when you don’t.
When is payment due? What forms of payment do you accept?

You will receive an email with an invoice attached for your order. Prompt payment is appreciated and helps us keep the process moving as quickly as possible. We accept cash, check, credit card or Venmo for payments. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

What areas do you serve?
Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services cover’s from Fort Collins to South Denver Minimum of $150 per order for Build Your Own Package or $125 for Select Package (7 meals guaranteed).
Are these meals freezable?
Yes, they can be frozen. It is recommended to eat them within 1-2 weeks as the integrity of the food deteriorates the longer it sits in the freezer.
What about dietary needs?
Please email us with any information you can share such as allergies, intolerances, carb count, and other special dietary needs. All requests are subject to kitchen approval. We work in a shared kitchen space, and while we take extreme precautions to make sure our area is spotless before we begin prepping, we cannot guarantee our space as a whole is 100% Gluten-free.