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Welcome to our kitchen!!

You do you, we take care of the rest!

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our meal delivery services. We hope you enjoy this months menu!

How it Works.

The Plan...

  • Once a month a new menu is posted. 
  • Orders can be placed starting Monday. Place your order by Thursday for the following weeks meal delivery service.  Orders are then delivered Monday thru Thursday.
  • Using the freshest ingredients, your personal chef makes everything from scratch. If you have a special dietary need, please let us know. We can accommodate most requests.    
  • We then go shopping, prepare, package and fill your fridge full of amazing food! Meals are delivered right to your door.
  • Instructions for reheating are included. Meals take less then 25 minutes to reheat. 

All costs include food, preparation, & packaging. There is a 10% service fee to cover delivery costs. Minimum order is $75.00. 

Services Available

Special meal plans available upon request.

Pricing varies by item. Price is per person and includes everything mentioned above

Our meal delivery service makes dinner time easy! Ready in 25 minutes or less!

Our meal delivery service makes dinner time easy! Ready in 25 minutes or less!

Meal Delivery Service F.A.Q's

Bringing your the freshest meals to your door. Our meal delivery service is the best in the state!

You asked...


Q.  What areas do you serve?
Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services cover's as far north as Cheyenne to as far south as Colorado Springs. There is a 10% Service fee added to cover travel to your location. Minimum of $75/order.

Q.  How do our meals come prepared?
You meals are packaged for individual consumption.

Q.  Are these meals freezable?
Yes, they can be frozen. It is recommended to eat them within 1-2 weeks as the integrity of the food deteriorates the longer it sits in the freezer.

Q.  What about dietary needs?
Please email us with any information you can share such as allergies, intolerance's and special dietary needs. All requests are subject to kitchen approval.

Q.   Is there a contract involved?
Meal delivery services are not based off a contract. You order when you desire meals and skip when you don't.

Q. Can you prepare some of our favorite dishes?
Absolutely! Just send us an email with special requests.

Q.  When is payment due?
Payment is due 48 hours after your order is placed. You will receive an email with an invoice attached for your order. Prompt payment is appreciated and helps us keep the process moving as quickly as possible. We accept cash, check, credit card or Venmo for payments. If you have any questions, please email us at

February Meal Delivery Service Menu

Please let us know if you have any special needs such as dairy free or nut free. We will do our very best to Accommodate you!

Send us your order!!

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